The history and work of Victor Mayer has been documented in several publications. These books trace the company’s history and provide interesting insights into its subsequent development. There are not many comparable sources that give an insight into the life and work of a family-run company.

Herbert Mohr-Mayer: Victor Mayer (1857-1946) – “Humorous, Diligent and Socially Conscientious” – The life and work of a German jewellery manufacturer from Pforzheim

This biography describes the life’s work of Victor Mayer and the development of the company he founded. The author Herbert Mohr-Mayer (born 1933) succeeds in outlining the life and work of his grandfather in a lively and humorous way.

The history of the house of Victor Mayer becomes – thanks to multiple references to many other jewellery manufactories and international jewellers – a valuable documentation of an important chapter in European industrial history.

Publishing house Regionalkultur, 112 p. with approx. 90 coloured illustrations, hard cover.

ISBN 978-3-89735-527-9

Herbert Mohr-Mayer: Of Golden Eggs and Other Precious Things – The History of the House of Victor Mayer from the “Golden Twenties” to 2003

Herbert Mohr-Mayer, grandson of Victor Mayer, describes the company history of the second and third generations of the family business. He portrays the challenging era of his parents from the Weimar Republic to the early post-war period with extensive archive material and on the basis of personal memories and entertaining anecdotes.

Mohr-Mayer played a decisive role in shaping the company as managing director until his retirement in 2003. The glorious highlight under his leadership was the initiation of the collaboration with the House of Fabergé and the associated revitalisation of the historic Russian brand.

Publishing house Regionalkultur, 168 p. with 168 mostly coloured illustrations, hard cover.

Only available in German.

ISBN 978-3-89735-620-7

Anne-Barbara Kern: Fabergé Eggs by VICTOR MAYER

This volume presents all the egg objects created by the jewellery manufactory Victor Mayer in the period from 1990 to 2009 as workmasters of the Fabergé brand. The focus of this art-historical publication is on the stylistic development and iconography of the works.

The book provides insights into the production methods of the Objet d’arts and the challenges involved. Traditional craft techniques such as chasing, guilloché and enamelling are part of the extraordinary repertoire of the Victor Mayer manufactory and make it possible to achieve the quality of the historical objects.

Publishing house Arnoldsche, 128 pages, 165 illustrations, mostly in colour. Hardback.

ISBN: 978-3-89790-435-4

Géza von Habsburg: Fabergé now and then

In addition to illuminating Fabergé’s techniques and artistic style, the numerous pieces of jewellery, objets d’art and egg objects presented from the past and present illustrate the continuity and relevance of Fabergé’s master craftsmanship.

With the appointment of the Pforzheim jewellery manufacturer Victor Mayer as Fabergé’s workmaster, exquisite pieces of jewellery were designed in the tradition of the legendary jeweller from 1989 onwards.

Géza von Habsburg, is one of the leading specialists in the art of goldsmithing and is best known as the curator of the major Fabergé exhibitions in Munich in 1986/87 and 2003/2004 and New York in 1996/97 and through numerous publications.

Hirmer Publishers, 102 pages with 142 illustrations, some in colour. Large format, clothbound with dust jacket.

ISBN-10: ‎ 3777426350
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-3777426358

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