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Darcy & Elizabeth

This collection owes its name to the characters of the novel “Pride and Prejudice” – Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. Their story is not only a love story but also a contemporary critical social study of the early 19th century. Both protagonists of the cult author Jane Austen still offer themselves as identification figures today: Darcy embodies the virtues of a gentleman and Elizabeth is a still topical example of female revolution and emancipation.

This collection picks up on historical models of classicism. The table stones of the signet rings, earrings and pendants are finely framed by striking engravings or brilliant-cut diamond settings. The contour of the ring rail is waisted and conveys a refined elegance like the silhouette of ladies’ and men’s fashion of the Empire with its emphasis on the middle of the body. Hellenistic motifs are made for this collection – as, of course, are monograms or family crests.


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