Ring size – which is the right size for me?

Not sure what your ring size is? Below we show you two simple methods to determine your size.

We usually use the inner diameter in mm as the ring measurement. For particularly voluminous rings, we recommend choosing a ring size larger. All ring models are unisex. Signet rings are worn – depending on tradition – on the ring finger or on the pinky (little finger).

In the table below you will find an overview of which ring size fits the respective inner diameter or circumference.


If you have a ring to hand that already fits you, you can simply use a ruler or tape measure to measure the widest part of the ring rail that is worn around the finger.

Measuring tape method

Alternatively, place a strip of paper around the finger and then measure out what length goes around the finger, this way you can determine the inner circumference of the ring.

Ring size table

Now you can read off your ring width in the right-hand column using your results from one of the measurement methods and the following table.

Inner diameter (in mm) Inner circumference (in mm ring width DE)
14,6 46
15 47
15,3 48
15,6 49
15,9 50
16,2 51
16,5 52
16,8 53
17,2 54
17,5 55
17,8 56
18,1 57
18,4 58
18,8 59
19,1 60
19,4 61
19,7 62
20 63
20,3 64
20,6 65
21 66
21,3 67
21,6 68

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