Seal stones for signet rings

What is your favourite colour?

A wide variety of types of stones can be chosen for the hand-engraved and hand-set gemstones of the signet rings. Layer stones, carnelian, bloodstone and onyx are the classic types of gemstone used.

The layer stone has two layers of colour, which create beautiful contrasts when engraved. Layered onyx is the absolute classic. If you prefer it in one colour, then you have a choice of table stones and faceted gemstones.

Contrasting layer stones – refined complexity

The engraving of the multi-layered stone exposes the lower, dark layer. This creates a special contrast that ideally accentuates the pattern of the hand engraving.

Gold Niccolo Signet ring with family crest engraving

The so-called niccolo is available in two different shades of blue: this allows you to choose whether the contrast with the black layer underneath is subtle or more intense when engraved.

When engraved, the carnelian onyx reveals a rust-red base underneath the rosé-coloured, visible layer – so your engraving comes across delicately and clearly at the same time.

Gold Siegelring mit Lagenkarneol und Handgravur

Monochrome table stones – discreet eye-catcher

The single coloured stones draw the focus to the fine lines of the engraving and create a charming effect of depth with light and shadow.

Casual, stylish, classic – the black onyx elegantly complements any statement piece. For a discreetly versatile yet expressive basis for hand engraving.

The warm shade of forest green of bloodstone (also known as heliotrope) complements all shades of gold as well as platinum. Tiny red inclusions provide a particularly refined play of colours and individuality.

Perhaps the most regal variety among the seal stones is lapis lazuli. The deep royal blue colour, peppered with very fine gold-coloured pyrite inclusions, has a timeless and noble effect.

The colour spectrum of carnelian ranges from warm yellow to orange to classic red and brownish wine red. For our signet rings we like to use a fiery red, which is slightly translucent and provides the ideal basis for a refined look of the engraving.

Sparkling gemstones – fascinating elegance

The engraving of gemstones in the so-called bufftop cut – curved faceted at the bottom, smooth on the surface – has an almost hypnotic effect. The light is reflected in many ways and enters into an enchanting symbiosis with the coloured transparency and your individual engraving.

As these are natural products, each stone is unique. Therefore, the colour may vary slightly compared to the variety shown.

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