Which precious metal will be your signet ring favourite?

Choose from a range of precious metals for your signet ring.
Whether solid or with an engravable gemstone – our standard for signet rings is the high-quality 750/- gold (18 carat). There are three gold colours to choose from, which are known for their purity, durability and longevity. The precious grey-white platinum is a popular alternative to white gold among men.

Yellow gold – the classic

Yellow gold captivates with its warm radiance and stands for value and elegance.

White gold – the valuable understatement

Bright and pure – white gold convinces with high brilliance and timeless style.

Rose gold – the clever companion

The warm rose gold tone suits any skin tone and creates a subtle yet special look.

Platinum – the cool purist

Durability and hardness combined with radiant purity – platinum captivates with its precious, clear colour and timeless elegance. The precious metal (950/- platinum) is hypoallergenic and is therefore also ideal for people with sensitive skin – without losing any of its class.

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