You appreciate our jewellery because it has an extraordinary depth to it. It is opulent, luxurious and sensual – with a casual elegance. It fascinates with radiant colour and form. All this is not the result of coincidence, but diligence and experience as well as artistry and craftsmanship from the first draft to completion. A successful design therefore involves creative individuals in every stage of the work.

Sketch drawing for the Constance collection.

A vision takes shape

In the beginning is the vision, which our designers capture on paper in numerous sketches. However, it is only in dialogue with the craftsmen that specific tools and techniques are created for the three dimensional design. In the course of several stages feasibility is studied and discussed, tools refined and alternatives tested. Only when the results satisfy the traditionally-high standards of VICTOR MAYER is the new collection realised.

Opera necklace. The style icon represents the typical style and the highest craftsmanship.


Good taste is something that unites people all around the world. From a stylistic viewpoint,VICTOR MAYER has therefore always been cosmopolitan. The distinctive jewellery from our establishment combines classic, modern design with surprising, imaginative and careful details, the perfection of which enhances the character of every modern, cultivated woman and every stylish man. Sophisticated and confident, of casual elegance.

Design drawings and lockets, ca. 1910.

The VICTOR MAYER approach

The craftsmanship of the old masters characterises our design. At the same time, we also employ discreetly contemporary and innovative design elements. Brilliant fire enamel and the depth of the guilloché work lend each of our creations an unobtrusive exclusivity and awaken a curiosity for the luxurious details that are only revealed behind the magical aesthetic appearance at second glance.

Two in one cufflinks with rotating centre section and diamonds cut in baguette shap.

Innovative refinement

The enjoyment of our jewellery is further enhanced with the addition of technically-sophisticated refinements, noticeable on closer inspection. Photo lockets transform pendants into luxurious vessels for precious memories. Cuff links with rotating mechanisms alter a look at the flick of a wrist. We invest all of our experience and passion in making jewellery that is simple to use and versatile to wear. Years of perfecting are often to be found behind the smallest, unobtrusively smooth-running functions.

Constance pendant, 2014. Radiolaria, Ernst Häckel, Art Forms in Nature, 1904.

Design and meaning

Each creation at VICTOR MAYER has its own story. Because nothing is created here without a meaningful background. Our collections are inspired by the beauty of nature or extraordinary human works. Inspiration, design and manufacture are in a continuous state of discussion, redesign and supplementation. The prospective wearer of the jewellery is also involved in the process from the beginning onwards. As a consequence, each VICTOR MAYER creation is both a masterful piece of craftsmanship and an unmistakable work of art.

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