Created by chance: Managing Director Dr. Marcus Oliver Mohr discovered a historical tool in the archives of his great-grandfather, company founder Victor Mayer, from which small, hand-flattering cabochons can be embossed on both sides. Without further ado, he developed it into a modern concept for a refreshingly different collection. “My young designer team has played hard,” smiles Marcus Mohr. “They combine colours, colours, colours – different varieties of rose to trendy red gold or different shades of blue and turquoise to white gold, in between a subtle warm grey and now and then a diamond pavé.

The bangle and necklaces of the collection thus appear incredibly lively. And because they remain tone on tone, yet still graceful and elegant.” The flame guilloché is only visible at second glance, but already at first glance it provides the deep colourfulness that makes the VICTOR MAYER jewellery of all eras so timelessly beautiful. The “Candy”-rings also offer another mechanical play element: individual candies have different colours on both sides and can be turned according to the mood of the wearer, so that the colour that best expresses her mood is always visible.


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