For me alone: My locket

A statement, stylish and smart: a locket or charm garners a woman admiring glances, whilst at the same time concealing her most treasured secret – a photo of her loved one. Hidden in an item of gold jewellery that adds a casual and modern accent to her style and simultaneously embodies the charm of bygone days. Because lockets recount both history and story. At the same time, they are the trendiest items of jewellery with which pictures can be preserved, memories captured and values treasured. Happiness close to your heart.

Love, life, memories

Emotions are best immortalised in precious objects. And none is as enigmatic yet seductive as the locket. No wonder that it has lost none of its magic over the course of the centuries. Quite the opposite: when tradition meets trend, something new emerges with a very special radiance. Gold jewellery emanating both emotional energy and contemporary elegance. The charm conceals a portrait of a loved one, or opens to reveal a family photo or cherished memory. Or all of these together, personalised with words that bear meaning.

Not only is the pendant physically close to the heart, its secret is contained within it. Outwardly an opulent jewel of graceful beauty, inside a treasure chest filled with emotions. An item of attraction, to have and to hold: the gold locket exudes strength and confidence, evoking the things that truly matter. Perhaps it is this energy that lends the wearer her distinctive aura. Regardless of fashion or trend – although accomplished styling can enhance this effect…

Styling: How I wear my locket

A trick familiar to fashion experts: just one great piece is sufficient to transform an outfit into a look. For example, jeans, T-shirt, blazer and a diamond-set locket on a long chain. Or the romantic version: elegant lace blouse with trendy maxi skirt, the feminine refinement emphasised via a finely-crafted charm. And for festive occasions: low-cut evening dress, with the perfectly-placed locket drawing all glances magically towards it. Seductiveness and eroticism, accentuated by the element of concealment and the beguiling question: what could be hidden within this pendant? What is revealed on opening? A locket adds class to fashion – and a touch of individual personality.

This works with a roll-neck sweater, a white blouse, a little black dress or the boyfriend look. Ultimately, the little treasure chest can be worn in very different ways: on long sautoir chains, currently the latest thing and also fashionable in the 1920s; on necklaces of various lengths that ornament the cleavage or on short chains or bands (for example velvet) that hug the neck tightly, not only hip for young girls. Although lockets seem predestined for a solo role, they are egalitarian enough to combine wonderfully with other chains. A wonderful interpretation of the jewellery layering trend.

My style, my approach to life, my privacy

Women that wear lockets with the photos of their loved ones are never fashion victims. Whether the approach they favour is classic, sporty, elegant or casual, their look is always determined by their personality. They are aware of their style, stand up for their personal values and the people close to them. They go their own way and show what is important to them and where they belong. They are strong enough to know that confidence is nourished by love and friendship. Individuality yes, apathy no. In spite of their openness to society and people, they nonetheless value their privacy. Their attitude is characterised by adventurousness, but also gratefulness for the positive things and gifts that life gives them.

They are proud of what they have achieved – and stand by it. They are inquisitive and love the little secrets that are the spice of life. Only the privileged few may look into their heart – or open the pendant to peek inside the charm that is often their daily companion. It is jewellery for a lifetime, to pass on to the next generation. This is the case today, as it was in the past. Because over the years and centuries there have frequently been periods where lockets and charms played a key role in the nurturing of memories.

Of Queen Victoria and beyond

The language of love, expressed in lockets: as articulated, for example, by Queen Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 to 1901, and her prince consort, Albert. Numerous items of jewellery containing miniature portraits and locks of hair document the “royal love affair”. Another famous locket wearer was Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III, from 1853 to 1870 Empress and the last Queen of France. Lockets also possessed a highly private character in earlier times and must be sought out in both the description of paintings and in literature. The artistic miniature pictures inside – the tiny portraits were painted prior to the invention of photography – were personal testaments to love and bonds and consequently remained unmentioned. Locks of hair obtained from loved ones and worn at the breast in reminiscence are also an intimate pledge.

In the 19th century in particular lockets experienced a boom, but they were already known in ancient times as well as being worn in the Middle Ages. They are also documented in the 17th and 18th centuries. Following the arrival of photography in the 19th century and the ongoing process of industrialisation they could also be worn as fashion accessories and were affordable to all. The heyday of the locket as a personal item of jewellery with an emotional value came during the Art Deco era (1896 -1920). One of the key centres for the manufacture of the desirable items was the Golden City of Pforzheim. In particular, the manufacture of Victor Mayer dedicated itself to the development of new forms and designs.

Keeping your treasure close to your heart

Over 100 years later, the venerable company with its enamel expertise has awakened the locket from its slumbers. New, modern forms, fabulous décor and easy-to-use mechanisms: contemporary gold jewellery for women with personality. Offering space for two souvenir pictures and the option of personalisation. Express love, nurture memories, make a fashion statement – the new lockets can do all of these and much more besides.

They are items of relevance and of special worth. This is not only evident in the precious materials and unique craftsmanship, but also in the passing-on of traditions, of savoir-vivre and ethos. The choice of a Victor Mayer locket is a decision that comes from the heart.

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