About us – how we see ourselves

We make jewellery, not just because we can, but because we view it as our calling. We create jewellery with very special characteristics: above all, these are techniques that cannot be learned in a vocational school – but only from our master craftsmen and women. Without these skills we would not be in a position to create our distinctive jewellery in its unique form. We regard the most important task of VICTOR MAYER to be keeping our craftsmanship alive and conveying its inherent magic.

We – the employees and the proprietor family – share the same passion: we make jewellery for connoisseurs, for individualists, for cultured people. We take an interest in the beauty and the wonder of this world. Like the people of the Renaissance, we are more generalists than specialists. Would you like to understand how to accurately assess our work? Then we invite you to get to know us better. Read about what influences us and inspires us.

Design – our notion of creativity

Design is our central challenge. And yet is only of significance to us in our typical realisation. The superficial impression is not the criterion of quality. A copy can achieve this. We develop designs that convey meaning and significance. It is especially important for us that the manufacturing process and with it the realisation of the creative idea are authentic and original. It is the privilege of an owner-managed company that short-term commercial success does not always need to be paramount. This liberates us from trends and creates space for experiments both large and small.

Philosophy – our responsibility and mindset

Naturally, it is not only the manufacture that has a philosophy, but also its actors. The ethos of craftsmanship is accompanied by the desire to strive for quality. It is therefore both satisfying and inspiring for us to create pieces that can outlive us. With this, we address the question of what quality and beauty actually mean. Jewellery is luxury. Luxury, as we understand it, requires an attitude that lends the item of jewellery a justification that extends beyond its purely material value. And this represents a challenge to the aficionado, the collector, the jewellery connoisseur.

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Diamond-set gold ring with silver, blue and pink enameled guilloche

Enamel Jewellery

Diamond-set gold locket for your own pictures



Victor Mayer White Gold Signet Ring 18k Layered onyx Griffin Engraving

Signet rings

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