Engravings – Which motif shall adorn my signet ring?

When engraving your signet ring, we are guided entirely by your own wishes: whether monogram, classic coat of arms engraving or any template of your choice – we will create your very own personal piece of jewellery.
We engrave coats of arms as standard for seal use, i.e. mirrored; monograms are usually executed legibly.
On this page you will find an overview of typical engraving variants for your inspiration.

Coat of arms engravings – keeping tradition alive

The art of heraldry, also called the study of coats of arms, dates back to the 12th century. Here, not only certain symbols but also hatchings and structures are associated with their very special meaning.
By the way, not only the nobility but also many commoner families have their own coats of arms. You can also have your own coat of arms created with professional help.

Coats of arms are still a distinctive mark of nobility, craft guilds and family tradition. They are becoming increasingly popular as the basis for personal designs and the world of personalised jewellery would be inconceivable without them.

Monograms – plain and personal

The monogram is a seal image that is created from letters, or initials, that are sometimes very artistically designed. One to three letters are arranged ornamentally. Both antique and modern designs are very popular as engraving templates for signet rings.

While signets are traditionally engraved mirror-inverted “for sealing”, it is customary to engrave monograms “for reading” in the usual way of writing.

Engravings with personal meaning – whatever your heart desires

Do you have your own personal idea for the design of your signet ring? Perhaps there is a symbol that has a very individual meaning for you? Would you simply like to give your pendant, drop earrings or ring their personal touch?
Basically, anything that can be drawn can be engraved by hand. Be creative – we will be delighted to create your personalised work of jewellery art.

You don’t know yet which motif should adorn your signet ring? Just let our examples inspire you!

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