The philosophy of VICTOR MAYER

Decorating is a basic human need and therefore a form of communication with oneself and others. Thinking about the meaning and significance of our jewellery works and how the creative process and human relationships are shaped according to this meaning is part of Victor Mayer’s self-image.

Dr Marcus Oliver Mohr, himself a doctor of philosophy, is the fourth generation of his family to run the house VICTOR MAYER.

Philosophy and luxury

We see in jewellery the sense of consciously enjoying it. Jewellery is luxury and therefore in the discussion about essential values it is actually dispensable. If we nevertheless decide to own jewellery, it is with an awareness of its beauty, the skill with which it was made and the symbolic power it radiates in form, colour, material and value.

Ring Soirée: white gold with mandarin garnet, black vitreous enamel and diamonds

Whether you purchase jewellery for yourself or give it as a thoughtful gift – you will first have a thorough look at the preciousness of your choice. Take a critical look at the brand’s own statements, take a look behind the scenes, ask questions, weigh up the pros and cons, get advice, check. Become an expert before you become a customer. Conscious luxury consumption is the targeted decision for what is good and true. Only buy what you have recognized as true and good and suitable for you personally as owner.

Ear studs Celeste: yellow gold, aquamarine, opalescent blue guilloche enamel

Then and only then will ownership, even just looking at this very special piece, make you lastingly happy. Some pieces of jewellery become so much a part of us in the course of a lifetime that we almost feel amputated without them. We worry about these pieces, as if they were a family heirloom, which they may then become. But all having without conscious being is hollow and empty. Human maturity does not see luxury as the highest good. It consciously enjoys it as part of the good life and takes pleasure in it as a symbol of personal development and success.

Philosophy and art

We are aware of our personal responsibility for shaping the beautiful and good in this world. We also know that we can never quite live up to these demands. But we are working on it and constantly improving it. This is how truthfulness of timeless value is created.

Design drawing and finished Opera necklace during the final quality control

It is our claim to design and manufacture jewellery in such a way that the art of our craftsmen and designers combines with the selection of the finest precious metals and most valuable stones to create a complete work of art that outshines the material value many times over. Jewellery understood in this way is much more than a status symbol. Jewellery is understood as an artefact of mankind. As a cultural asset. Like a patron of the arts, the owner of a piece of jewellery supports that the tradition of the goldsmith’s art lives on, which would otherwise be lost.

And like a classic work of art, jewellery by Victor Mayer is always exclusive and unique. Because we produce our collections as individual pieces or in strictly limited editions.

Philosophy and responsibility

We design and manufacture jewellery at our traditional location in the gold town of Pforzheim. “Designed and made in Germany” automatically means that we adhere to high ethical standards.

Our workshops in the city of gold, Pforzheim, are part of a tradition that goes back more than 250 years.

We commit ourselves to this and are also subject to constant monitoring by the regulatory authorities in Germany. In addition, we have committed ourselves to the CIBJO Code of Ethics, and our workshop is certified according to the standards of the Jewellery Responsibility Council.

Philosophy and craft

Our artisans are dedicated to their work. They strive to do their work well for their own sake. Their excellent training and highly developed skills and abilities allow them to feel every step of the work intensively and to think deeply. They identify with their job at Victor Mayer and are proud of the results they achieve.

Constance pendant during final assembly of diamond set net and guilloche enamel disc

At Victor Mayer, the shared fascination for this profession unites the owner family and the employees in a common feeling that goes beyond earning a living. Company founder Victor Mayer was himself a talented artist and craftsman and was inspired by the desire to create lasting values. Namely, to live functioning relationships that go beyond the economic sphere and include the family, employees, customers and suppliers.

The reverse side also meets the highest quality standards. Next to the responsibility mark “VM” we engrave the limitation number, which is recorded in our archive.

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