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VICTOR MAYER is the brand for connoisseurs and enthusiasts – with each masterpiece you acquire great quality of form, excellent craftsmanship and precious material representing values that far exceed the price.

With our exclusive jewellery we have always been representing ideals beyond those of the transient fashion trends since 1890: What counts are the timeless values not only featuring masterful forms and the best possible materials, but also a degree of craftsmanship almost unique of its kind in the present age.

Merian collection novelty 2020

Maria Sibylla Merian (* April 2, 1647 in Frankfurt am Main; † January 13, 1717 in Amsterdam) was a natural scientist and artist. With an extraordinarily self-confident spirit, she defied the conventions of the time and was one of the first female scientists of modernity.

As a natural scientist she used her talent as a graphic artist and her special style inspired us to create this collection, in which we translated her own style into finely structured drawings in enamel.

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The art and craftsmanship of the old masters is a great inspiration for our design. VICTOR MAYER creations combine the innovative works of our designers with historic elements.
Our specialists are experts when it comes to guilloché, enamelling and hand-engraving.

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