Victor Mayer: Excellence and expertise

Jewellery for connoisseurs in the realm of precious objects! The Victor Mayer brand makes all the difference. In the manufacture of hidden treasures, it is craftsmanship that determines the rhythm. Emotions become jewellery items of rare attraction – and timeless companions through life.

Gold meets colour, tradition meets modernity. Radiant enamel jewellery, underscored by perfect guilloché, lustrous lockets, unique signet rings and many other masterpieces: what arises here is luxury for individualists.

The VICTOR MAYER collections: An abundance of favourites

Delightful lockets, smart signet rings, cuff-links and sophisticated enamel jewellery: it is the classic pieces of this aesthetically pleasing sector that characterise the product range of Victor Mayer.

True to the traditions of the manufacture, founded in 1890, which nurtures old craft techniques like no other. The highest quality is the constant goal, achieved seemingly effortlessly through accomplished design.

Signet rings: Smart companions

A venerable item of jewellery becomes a trend amongst aficionados. Signet rings are worn with pride. Not just any rings, but fabulous pieces created with the greatest of care in the manufacture of Victor Mayer. In gold, naturally, adorned with the family crest, personal inscription or distinctive signet. A piece of jewellery culture that communicates a refined understatement.

Lockets: I’m thinking of you

Lockets are tiny treasure chests for storing great secrets. Victor Mayer creates them to a degree of perfection and beauty matched by scarcely any other manufacture. The feminine decor, the wealth of forms, the fine mechanisms – expertise and venerable hand craftsmanship bestow a special value on the pieces, extending far beyond their material worth. Women wear them close to the heart… or in a casual and modern style.

From craft to art

All are masterpieces of craftsmanship, created in our workshops and production facilities. Manufactured by experts in the jewellery field, using rare expertise. Inspired by contemporary design and the treasures of the past, preserved in our archives to this day.

Enamelling with the highly-specialised fire enamel technique, guilloché and hand engraving – our jewellery is an exciting new interpretation of the historic.

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