Victoria – lockets for traditional values

The inspiration for this collection is the Victorian era (1837 to 1901) and its namesake – Victoria of the United Kingdom. The prevailing historicism with a preference for e.g. the Neo-Gothic are typical for this collection and also the first works of Victor Mayer in the 1890s.

Each of the lockets is decorated with ornaments and symbols typical of the time, such as the brilliant star, the infinity sign. Wave guilloches are combined with genuine fire enamel and filigree outlines reminiscent of tracery. Symmetrically arranged golden paillons create an additional structuring of the enamels with their diamonds, circles and drops.

The lockets are available in plain gold with brilliant-cut accents and in combinations of genuine vitreous enamel with brilliant-cut diamonds and coloured gemstones. You are free to choose the colour of the gold, the enamel and also the choice of gemstone when creating your personal personalised piece. As a refined detail, we offer all lockets with a rotating carabiner loop, reminiscent of the typical pocket watch chains, or with a wire loop with a carabiner closure.


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