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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," as the saying has it. And yet there are moments where the opinions of all beholders are unanimous. There is a beauty that is inescapable, beauty that gladdens the eye and warms the heart. What is behind this phenomenon of beauty? This is a question whose answer has long been sought, even by the world of science. Studies around the world show that our perceptions of beauty follow specific principles: we find that which we are familiar with to be beautiful. This explains why we consider that which we know and love to be beautiful. In contrast, new things are familiar to us if we are able to identify an even pattern within them. Perhaps this realisation helps to explain the worldwide popularity of the guilloché work of VICTOR MAYER. With this ancient and precise artisan craft, the venerable German company has been applying unmistakable patterns of fascinating beauty to its jewellery for over 100 years. Now the company is embarking on a completely new chapter of jewellery craftsmanship with this collection. A world first: an homage to the art of the jewel setter. VICTOR MAYER is the first jewellery manufactory worldwide to set an extensive diamond pavé in an artistic guilloché pattern. 150 diamonds form a stylised "wheel of life", in the centre of which a single one-carat diamond sparkles. "This is a tribute to the craftsmanship of our jewel setters," reveals Marcus Oliver Mohr, Managing Director and creative force behind the company, with reverence and a little pride. "A normal pavé does not require a pattern yet is still a work of complicated precision craftsmanship. Setting a pattern as fine as our guilloché pavé perfectly and evenly is something that can only be achieved by a true master of his trade."


Necklace, 18kt white gold, solitaire diamond 1.0ct, pavé diamonds, chain rose cut diamonds total 14.3ct, 74cm, diameter 48mm, Limitation: 7 pieces, [V1436-00-00-00-101]


Pendant, 18kt white gold, 220 diamonds incl. 1x 0.4ct total 5.36ct weight. Diameter 34.7 mm. Limitation: 25 pieces [V1536-00-00-00-101] Chain, 18kt white gold, eight rose cut diamonds total 0.64ct weight, 58 cm [V1099-00-00-00-10158]


Ring, 18kt white gold, 123 diamonds total 2.04ct weight. Diameter 22.2mm. Limitation: 12 pieces [V1489-00-00-00-101]

Ring & Earrings

Ring, 18kt white gold, 123 diamonds total 2.04ct weight. Diameter 22.2mm. Limitation: 12 pieces.  [V1489-00-00-00-101] Earrings, 18kt white gold, 246 diamonds total 4.05ct weight. Diameter 22.1mm. Limitation: 12 pieces. [V1490-00-00-00-101]