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Rings and earrings in this collection blend a plain basic shape with rich colours of both fine gemstones and enamels. Fine details like paillons and the diamond-set prongs serve to refine the design.
The rings come in three different sizes and are made in a large variety of enamel colours and gemstones. So-called paillons – hand punched, highly-delicate golden leaves – are cautiously applied on the coloured coatings of enamels and finally coated and fired with transparent enamel. Gemstones and enamels are matched with each other and are only approved if they match. Four diamond-set prongs hold each gemstone.
The Cocktail Ring is meant to be a dramatic large ring, worn at cocktail parties. It was especially popular to wear during US prohibition at illegal cocktail parties. Such a ring flaunted not only the fact that one was drinking illegally, but also that one was doing it with style. The general rule is that the bigger the stone, the better. The aim of the Cocktail Ring is to catch and dazzle the eye.


Ring, 18kt rose/white gold, brown fire enamel, six diamonds total 0.06ct, smoky quartz. Limitation: 300 pieces [V1023-BR-AD-00-10C]


Ring, 18kt yellow/white gold, medium blue fire enamel, 18kt paillons, six diamonds total 0.06ct, blue topaz. Limitation: 500 pieces [V1002-MB-85-00-104]


Earrings, 18kt yellow/white gold, medium blue fire enamel, 18kt paillons, ten diamonds total 0.07ct, blue topaz. Limitation: 500 pieces [V1045-MB-85-00-104]