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Diamond guilloche pavé with a brilliant texture

Inspired by tracks in the desert sands, VICTOR MAYER has created a completely new collection – Calima - named after the warm, dry wind on the Canary Islands, which originates in the Sahara. The desert is a place of inspiration. Sparse expanses, dazzling light, deep-blue skies - emptiness. Silence. Only the soft wave pattern that the wind draws in the sand brings life to this place, lending it an unmistakable personality. Like grains of sand in dazzling sunlight, a large quantity of artistically-set, brilliant cut diamonds form a wave pattern on the white gold surface of this highly feminine collection. The manufacture VICTOR MAYER has developed a special technique for a diamond pavé, similar to the guilloché that the company is famous for. As a consequence, Managing Director Marcus Oliver Mohr calls the new technique "guilloché pavé“, praising his employees not only for the consistent design of the collection: "Setting such a dynamic yet even pavé so delicately calls for craftsmen who know their trade and are prepared to consistently hone new manufacturing techniques,“ says Marcus Oliver Mohr. "Our people have achieved this in exemplary fashion this year. And I find that the results are outstanding. “The collection consists of locket pendants, rings and earrings. It is available in white or rose gold. In addition to white brilliant cut diamonds, VICTOR MAYER also offers the collection in fancy yellow. Each piece of jewellery is produced in a strictly limited and numbered edition, with this recorded in the archives of the company.

Locket Pendant

Locket pendant with two picture frames, 18kt white gold, 152 diamonds total 1.75ct. set by brilliant guiollché. Limitation: 50 pieces. [V1535-00-00-00-101] Available in two other sizes and in yellow and rose gold.   Matching chain, 18kt white gold, 58 cm. [V1110-00-00-00-10158] 


Secret Capsule Ring, 18kt rose gold, 68 diamonds total 1.58ct. Oval 25x15mm. Limitation 75 pieces [V1595_00_00_00_103] 


18kt white gold, 162 diamonds total 1.62ct.
Limitation: 100 pieces. [V1530-00-00-00-101]


Earrings, 18kt white gold, 180 diamonds total 1.35ct weight. Limitation: 100 pieces. [V1531-00-00-00-101]