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VICTOR MAYER has created the ‘Serenade’ collection as the sensual antithesis of hectic urban life. The shimmering colour effects and romantic appearance of the flowers add a touch of poetic luxury to everyday urban living. Inspiration was drawn from nature in the form of primroses, poppies and tulips which have been carefully and expertly fashioned using gold. Colour gradients and contrasts are applied to reflect the beauty and diversity of flowers. The flower pistils feature gold, diamonds and gemstones. Some of the models are decorated with thread-set brilliant-cut diamonds on the edges of the flowers.
The sculpted jewellery items in the ‘Serenade’ collection are the perfect demonstration of the exceptional expertise and collaboration between the designers, goldsmiths, modellers, engravers, enamel workers and gemstone experts. It is all thanks to VICTOR MAYER bringing together these rare expert skills that such beautiful jewellery items have been achieved.


Pendant, 18kt rose/white gold, opalescent white fire enamel, 78 diamonds total 0.61ct. Limitation: 25 pieces. [V1042-OP-00-00-10C]
Chain, 18kt white gold, 47cm [V1098-00-00-00-10147]


Ring, 18kt rose/white gold, opalescent white fire enamel, 46 diamonds total 0.43ct. Limitation: 25 pieces. [V1040-OP-00-00-10C]


Earring, 18kt rose/white gold, opalescent white fire enamel, 102 diamonds total 0.86ct. Limitation: 25 pieces. [V1041-OP-00-00-10C]


Ring, 18kt rose/white gold, opalescent pink and purple fire enamel, 14 diamonds incl. 1x 0.5ct total 0.78ct. Limitation: 25 pieces [V1556-BY-00-00-10C]


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Ring, 18kt yellow gold, opalescent white fire enamel, 43 diamonds total 0.64ct, pink tourmaline. Limitation: 25 pieces [V1018-OP-1K-00-102]