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The desire to adorn is a basic need of mankind, a form of communication with ourselves and others. Paying thought to the meaning and significance of our jewellery and how the creative process and relations take this meaning into account is part of the ethos of Victor Mayer. 


Philosophy and luxury

In jewellery we see the purpose of its conscious enjoyment. Jewellery is luxury and therefore an indispensable element in the discussion of key values. However, when we decide to own jewellery, this should entail an awareness of the beauty, the artistry with which it has been created and the symbolism that it radiates in form, colour, material and quality.

Whether you are buying jewellery for yourself or making a well-considered gift – you will pay careful prior thought to the piece of your choice. Take a critical look at the statements of the respective brand, peer behind the scenes, ask questions, weigh up options, take advice, examine. Become a connoisseur before you become a customer. The conscious consumption of luxury is a concerted decision for the good and the true. Only buy that which you recognise as good, veritable and suited to you personally as its owner.

Then, and only then, the ownership, even the mere sight of this very special piece will make you enduringly happy. Over the course of time, some jewellery becomes so much a part of us that we feel almost amputated without it. We treat these pieces with the care that we would afford to a family heirloom, which is what they may indeed become. However, having everything without a sentient sense of being is hollow and empty. A mature attitude does not regard luxury as the greatest attainable goal. It enjoys it consciously as part of the good life and views it as a symbol of personal development and success.


Philosophy and art

We are aware of our own personal responsibility for the design of the good and the beautiful in this world. We are also aware that we can never fully satisfy these standards. However, we are striving for this and improving continuously. This is how the veritable is created from timeless value.


Our goal is to design and create jewellery in such a way that the artistry of our craftsmen and designers combines with the selection of finest precious metals and stones in such a way that the material value is far exceeded. Jewellery of this kind is far more than a status symbol. Jewellery is an artefact of mankind. A cultural object. Like a patron of the arts, the owner of a piece of jewellery helps ensure that the tradition of the goldsmith's art continues, where it would otherwise be lost.


And like a classic work of art, jewellery from Victor Mayer is always exclusive and unique. Because we produce our collections as one-off pieces or as strictly-limited editions.


Philosophy and responsibility

We design and produce jewellery at our traditional location in the Golden City of Pforzheim. Designed and made in Germany therefore automatically means that we observe high ethical standards. We commit ourselves to these, as well as subjecting the company to the continuous monitoring of the Supervisor authorities in Germany. In addition, we are also committed to the CIBJO code of ethics. We are a member of the Jewellery Responsibility Council and are going to have ourselves certified.


Philosophy and craftsmanship

Our craftsmen are dedicated to their work. They strive to perform their job well for its own sake. Their excellent training and highly-developed skills and abilities enable them to consider each stage of their work with intense contemplation. They identify with their tasks at Victor Mayer and are proud of the results that they create.


At Victor Mayer the mutual fascination for this profession unites the proprietors and employees in a united feeling that extends beyond the act of earning a livelihood. Company founder Victor Mayer was himself a talented artist and craftsman, driven on by the desire to create enduring values, via the relationships beyond the merely commercial that bind family, employees, customers and suppliers together.