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This year's winners of the VICTOR MAYER Award are: Olga Krysanova

(1st prize) Julia Wollschläger (2nd prize) Viktoria Eichinger (3rd

The award for the best drawings amongst the students of the

renowned professional school for jewellery and watchmaking in Pforzheim

was presented 20th of July.
At VICTOR MAYER we are of the opinion that despite the possibilities offered by CAD, traditional drawing has not lost its place. Hand drawings are an ideal tool for developing and presenting ideas. The value of handicraft art is also conveyed by an appealing presentation of jewellery and objects. This is all the more so because this art has become so scarce today.
The Victor Mayer Prize was donated in 1990 on the occasion of the company's 100 anniversary and is now a permanent institution. Victor Mayer (1857 – 1946) had been awarded himself in 1874 by the same professional school because of "his commendable progress in drawing and modelling. The House Victor Mayer sees itself as a keeper and patron of traditional craftsmanship and a purveyor of the rare and exquisite.