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Macaron, the colourful summer jewellery for young, sporty and elegant women, is youthful, light and lively. It has enthused women. “Here too, our success has motivated us to develop the collection further,” says Managing Director Marcus Mohr. Macarons are light and colourful treats which melt on the tongue. Originally from the Orient, this light confectionary was a popular feature at the French royal court for centuries and after the revolution developed into a refined sweet treat for gourmets in all social classes. Since their seductive supporting role in the Oscar winning film Marie Antoinette by Sophie Coppola, macarons have developed to become a fashionable treat worldwide. VICTOR MAYER is expanding its Macaron collection with a touch of regal elegance. Warm red gold, the fundamental precious metal, adds a subtle shine to the fire enamel in a trendy new petrol tone. This exceptional colour combination is warm and strong. It goes perfectly with both casual leisure activities and as a subtle accent to any evening dress. Macaron from VICTOR MAYER combines the bright colours of fire enamel with the curved lines of guilloché, as featured on the wave-shaped edge of the jewellery items. The result are some new colour accents with gold as well as silver being used for the first time as a basis for these stretched discs. The radiance of the colour and guilloché work is so effective that no further accentuation of the surface is required. The Macaron items can be worn on a chain or on a hemmed nappa leatherstrap, depending on the occasion. The collection consists of pendants, matching earrings and rings with or without brilliant-cut diamonds.


Necklace, 18kt rose gold, lilac fire enamel on 925/- silver with art deco guilloché, eleven diamonds total 0.16ct, nappa leather strap, 50cm. Diameter 27.2mm. Limitation: 300 pieces. [V1500-LI-00-01-15B50]


Ring, 18kt rose gold, 925/- silver, lilac fire enamel, diamonds total 0.10ct,  [V1506-LI-00-01-15B]


Ring, 18kt rose gold, petrol-coloured fire enamel on 925/- silver with art deco guilloché, five diamonds total 0.07ct. Diameter 18.9 mm. Limitation: 300 pieces. [V1528-PE-00-00-15B]


Ring, 18kt white gold, silvery clear fire enamel on 925/- silver with art deco guilloché. Diameter 18.9mm. Limitation: 500 pieces  [V1502-SF-00-00-15D]


Earrings, 18kt rose gold, lilac fire enamel on 925/- silver with art deco guilloché, ten diamonds total 0.15ct. Diameter 18.9mm. Limitation: 300 pieces. [V1505-LI-00-01-15B]