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The VICTOR MAYER Constance collection is an homage to the beauty of nature. It is inspired by Ernst Haeckel, a late 19th century biologist, whose "Art forms of Nature“ influenced the Art Nouveau movement and still occupies a place in art and design to this day. Constance is opulent jewellery for a perfect appearance on the social stage or at private events. It traces the remarkable structures of the radiolarians faithfully sketched by Haeckel, revealing incredible colours from the depths of the oceans. The collection comprises necklace, ring and matching earrings in white gold with emerald-green fire enamel or rose gold with indigo blue. Nature is the reality that surrounds us. Scientifically explainable, yet nonetheless puzzling in its perfection. Artists of all eras and styles have addressed it. And now, in the Age of bionics, the complex structures of nature are increasingly influencing architecture and design. "Perhaps nature truly is the most beautiful, the most enduring thing that the world can produce,“ muses Marcus Oliver Mohr, Managing Director of VICTOR MAYER and a leading light in the development of the brand. Inspired by Ernst Haeckel‘s "Art forms in Nature“, he and his team have developed the new Constance collection. This reflects the bizarre, intricate variety of the radiolarians, microscopic, tiny creatures that the zoologist rendered visible for a broad public at the end of the 19th century in his legendary illustrations. "With his illustrations Haeckel influenced an entire style era – Art Nouveau– and still inspires artists and designers with his futuristic structures to this day,“ Mohr continues. It is fascinating to see how vibrant and yet harmoniously clearly defined they are. Constance takes its name from the Latin "constantia“, classically feminine and meaning consistency or steadfastness. This new collection from the exclusive Opera range comprises an opulent necklace with a long sautoir-style chain, a ring and delicate, almost breathily-light earrings, which address the delicate yet enduring cell structure of the radiolarians.


Pendant, 18kt rose gold, light blue fire enamel, sun guilloché, 250 diamonds total 1.45ct weight. Diameter 34 mm. Limitation: 50 pieces [V1537-HB-00-00-103] Chain, 18kt rose gold, 58 cm [V1098-00-00-00-10358]


Ring, 18kt rose gold, light blue fire enamel, sun guilloché, 97 diamonds total 0.60ct weight. Diameter 22.8 mm. Limitation: 50 pieces [V1539-HB-00-00-103] Ring, 18kt white gold, emerald green fire enamel, sun guilloché, 97 diamonds total 0.60ct weight. Diameter 22.8 mm. Limitation: 50 pieces [V1539-SG-00-00-101]


Earrings, 18kt rose gold, light blue fire enamel, sun guilloché, 192 diamonds total 1.02ct weight. Limitation 50 pieces. [V1538-HB-00-00-103]