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The woman that wears this jewellery is capable of deep emotions. However, you will have to take a close look as she protects her secrets with her elegant appearance. The Greek goddess Artemis was the inspiration for the latest necklace from the VICTOR MAYER Opera collection. Warm saffron yellow is the colour of this characterful goddess (confident and feisty, guardian of femininity), the colour of nymphs and muses. In this colour the enamel is radiant. The fine guilloché effect magically draws the eye deeper and deeper - to the very centre. However (like Artemis bathing) the wearer of this jewellery protects herself against the gaze of those whose curiosity is merely of the superficial kind. Therefore an elegant covering of diamonds above the deeper saffron draws initial attention upon itself. This pattern is a cherished art deco motif - a stylised peony - the "queen of flowers" in ancient times, the "rose without thorns”. Artemis is also present here. She once used the healing power of the peony to bring Virbius, the son of Theseus, back to life. "Gala necklace for divine women."


Necklace, 18kt yellow/white gold, saffron-coloured fire enamel, hand guilloché, diamonds 2.1ct [V1470-BN-00-00-104] Chain, 18kt white gold, 74cm [V1096-00-00-00-10174]


Pendant, 18kt white/yellow gold, saffron-coloured fire enamel, art deco guilloché, 72 diamonds total 0.53ct weight. Diameter 27.4mm. Limitation: 50 pieces. [V1493-BN-00-00-109] Chain, 18kt white gold, 58cm [V1110-00-00-00-10158]


Ring, 18kt white/yellow gold, saffron-coloured fire enamel, art deco guilloché, 72 diamonds total 0.53ct weight. Diameter 27.1mm. Limitation: 50 pieces.  [V1492-BN-00-00-109]


Earrings, 18kt white/yellow gold, saffron-coloured fire enamel, art deco guilloché, 114 diamonds total 0.84ct weight. Diameter 22.7mm. Limitation: 50 pieces. [V1492-BN-00-00-109]