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Victor Mayer Award 2017

The first price of the 2017 VICTOR MAYER Award for jewellery drawing goes to Silvana Ciafardini. Runners up are Martha Schmidt (2. price) and Sarah Wagner (3. price). The award ceremony took place on Jul 21 at the renowned School of Jewellery and Watchmaking, Pforzheim. Herbert Mohr-Mayer, senior president of VICTOR MAYER was impressed by the continuous quality of this historic technique. And he pointed out that the ability to draw by hand professionally is an art form that communicates the quality of the craft of an artist jeweller.


Sponsor Anniversary Festival Goldstadt 250 Pforzheim

Victor Mayer is proud to support the festival at the occasion of celebrating the anniversary of 250 years of jewellery and watchmaking in Pforzheim. Victor Mayer has shaped over half of this tradition and we look forward to a long year with many great events.


Event in China

With our Chinese partner ov-colletta Jewellery Co.Ltd VICTOR MAYER recently introduced our latest fine jewellery collection to the Chinese Market. The event took place at the prestigious Key Club in Shangai where Marcus Oliver Mohr met with a selective group of VIP guests. The unique look and make of VICTOR MAYER made a great impression and Marcus Oliver Mohr was very pleased by the immediate reaction by the very elegant guests.
Marcus Oliver Mohr met another group of jewellery connoisseurs at the elegant Beijing show room of ov-colletta Jewellery Co.Ltd. Ding Wei and Marcus Oliver Mohr introduced the highly interested guests to history, the manufacture and the design of VICTOR MAYER.


SWR featuring VICTOR MAYER "Manufactures of the finest" 02.05.2015

If you might have missed to watch it you can stream it at

The feature on VICTOR MAYER starts at minute 45:30. Please enjoy watching it. 


TV Documentary on Craftsmanship

The SWR television crew is busy filming in our workshops. 
The author Catherine von Westernhagen is producing a documentary about "Manufactories in the Southwest of Germany." She was impressed by the craftsmanship and the passion of our artisans. 
Please safe the date: The 90-minute film about 20 manufacturers will be shown on 2nd May 2015 at 8.15pm on SWR, German state television.


Editorial feature in "Veritable Pforzheim"

Pforzheim lives up to its reputation as a City of gold. VICTOR MAYER is featured in this publication as one of the key traditional manufacturers who count on Pforzheim as a location. We especially love the great photography of our Constance necklace. We assume you agree.